Sabanci University in Turkey invites applications for the merit-based scholarships to MBA students including international applicants for 2018/2019 academic session. Sabanci University, which is a non-profit, foundation university, provides merit-based scholarships to MBA students including international applicants.

Number of students receiving scholarships may change depending on the individual amounts. All scholarship requests should be submitted with the application documents during online application. Scholarship decisions are made after the documents in the application package are reviewed and the interview of the candidate is completed.  Although GMAT or GRE score is one of the primary criteria used in scholarship decisions, it is by no means the only criterion.

Worth of Award

  • Aysegul Arsoy scholarship: This scholarship includes tuition fee exemption, monthly stipend payment between September-June, free accommodation on campus (in double room) or if the student lives off campus, a monthly transportation support for ten months and book support annually.
  • Sabanci School of Management Assistantships: Each year several assistantships are available to eligible students. The recipients receive either full (100% ) or partial (2/3) tuition waiver. In return, they are required to work as assistants for professors at the School of Management.  The weekly assistantship workload depends on the tuition waiver given to the student. A student receiving assistantship with full tuition waiver is required to work certain hours per week, mostly as a teaching assistant.
  • Sabanci School of Management Scholarships: There are some scholarships available (without assistantship requirement) with partial ( 1/2 or 1/4) tuition waiver.


  • Scholarships open to MBA students including international applicants.
  • Although GMAT or GRE score is one of the primary criteria used in scholarship decisions, it is by no means the only criterion. For instance, a candidate who has very high GMAT or GRE score may not be accepted to the program if at the end of the interview the committee decides that he lacks a certain level of communication skills.  On the other hand, a candidate with an average GMAT or GRE score may be offered a scholarship if s/he has other strong skills

How to Apply

The application process has three steps:

(1) Filling in the online application form: In order to fill out the online application, applicants do not need to have all of their exam (GMAT, TOEFL etc.) results.

(2) Sending the application package: The following application documents (hard-copy versions) must be sent

  • Signed online application affidavit
  • Copy of the Diploma (or graduation certificate if you have not graduated yet) from an undergraduate institution
  • A photograph
  • Transcripts for undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate studies
  • Detailed resume including specific information on work experience (work experience is not required but seen as an asset)
  • Two letters of recommendation (if possible, one academic and one professional recommendation are preferred) in signed and sealed envelopes.

(3) Taking the interview:  The applicants meeting all the application requirements are invited for an interview. Under special circumstances a candidate may be invited for an interview even though some exam results are not in the application file yet. For instance, a candidate with an acceptable score in a language exam taken more than 2 years ago, or someone who studied at a university where the primary language of instruction is English, may be invited to an interview before a valid English proficiency exam result is available. As stated in Step 2, in order for the application to be complete, English proficiency test scores are required
Deadline: applications close

  • Early Application Deadline: April 20, 2018 (for local and international students)
  • Regular Application Deadline: June 8, 2018 (for local and international students)
  • Late Application Deadline: July 6, 2018 (only for local students; no scholarships are awarded in late application)

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