European Marine Research Network (EuroMarine) invites applications for individual fellowships targeting EuroMarine PhD students and scholars in their first post-doctoral position, to let them attend an advanced course of their choice for the 2018/2019 academic year.
The general terms of both calls have been pre-announced on 5 March 2018

Worth of Award

  • A grant of up to €500 to contribute towards covering direct costs related to participation in a training event.
  • Eligible costs are participation fees, and travel & subsistence expenses.
  • If total participation costs exceed the grant amount, successful applicants must cover the additional costs from other sources.


  • All training courses with topics relevant to the EuroMarine domain, both in Europe and globally (organised by EuroMarine members or external courses).
  • Any type, on-site as well as e-learning/online courses.
  • There is no limit to the duration of the activity, but it must run and be completed between 1 June – 30 November 2018.
  • Young scientists: PhD students or individuals undertaking their first post-doctorate contract are eligible for this funding.
  • The young scientist must be a student or employee of a EuroMarine full Member Organisation (having committed to pay its 2018 contribution to the EuroMarine budget) or an Invited Member from one of the following countries: Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Tunisia, or Turkey.
  • Only one application per individual per call. There is no limit on how many young scientists per organisation can apply but a maximum of three individuals from any one organisation can be awarded grants in any one call round.

How to Apply
Applications must be submitted by email to [email protected] All applications will receive a confirmation email acknowledging submission.

Applications Requirement

  1. Applicants must write an application letter (no more than 1.5 A4 pages) justifying why they should receive funding to attend their targeted training course. The letter should cover the following aspects:
    1. How the activity relates to and supports you in your marine research career;
    2. How your participation is in line with EuroMarine objectives;
    3. How you will recognise and promote the fact that EuroMarine helped fund your participation; and
    4. How you will share knowledge with colleagues in your own institution about your experience.
  2. Applicants must complete and sign a declaration form. Please note:
    1. Applicants are required to contact their EuroMarine Member Organisation representative to approve their application prior to submission and have their supervisor/manager or EuroMarine Member Organisation representative countersign the declaration. The official EuroMarine Member Organisation representatives and their contact details can be found on:
    2. A scanned copy of the signed declaration form should be attached to the application email.

Deadline: applications close April 27, 2018

Click here for more details and to apply

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