The Spindle Innovation Award for Best Idea 2018 is open to interested participants all over the world who have an innovative idea or solution that contributes to an inclusive, just and sustainable world.The Award for Best Idea 2018 is taking place at Partos Innovation Festival in Amsterdam by October 11th.

You learn best when you have fun, are connected and passionate about the idea you’re working on. This is the philosophy behind The Spindle Summer Labs.They aim to create a space in which creativity is triggered and you boost the setup of a new planprojectbusiness model, policyproduct or service in the world of international development. Get ready for an intense, inspirational and awesome summer, in which you could be one of the ten teams that develop their idea with leading design agencies STBY and AndThePeople, making use of the network of The Spindle. So, send in your idea, join The Spindle Summer Labs (our Jury will select the ten best ideas) and win The Best Idea Award on October 11 at Partos Innovation Festival in Amsterdam!

Worth of Award

  • Ready-to-go pilot proposition: Through actively engaging in a creative programme you can accelerate your idea in one summer into a ready-to-go pilot proposition.
  • Intense coaching: Besides sharing innovation insights and knowledge, the experienced team of facilitators provide creative support and personal coaching.
  • Access to donors and constructing a fundraising strategy: During The Spindle Summer Labs, you create a funding plan for your pilot and get the chance to present it to potential donors and our jury.
  • Their expert network and new connections: You can access and make use of The Spindle’s network of 100+ NGOs and experts from a variety of backgrounds. Hook on to them and the needed expertise for your idea.
  • Personal and team development: While working with your team on your idea, you will gain new skills and insights on Human Centred Design and developing new concepts.
  • A chance to win The Spindle Award for Best Idea 2018: At the end of the summer, all teams present their idea to the jury. The three most promising ideas get the chance to pitch at the Partos Innovation Festival on October 11 and win The Spindle Award for Best Idea, €5000, €2500 or €1000 seed money!

They are looking for solutions that tackle a specific problem related to one of their four themes. Your idea does not have to disrupt and change the whole world, but they ask for you to be dedicated towards the solution of a problem within the context of development, either in the field or within the context of an NGO.

While selecting the 10 best ideas of 2018, the jury will focus on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to one or more of The Spindle themes
  2.  A clear problem: the idea contributes to a clear problem or need in the world of development cooperation and NGOs.
  3. Originality: How original is your idea? Does your idea provide a distinctive, new solution to development cooperation?
  4. Impact: How big is the impact you can create with your idea?
  5. Sustainability: how (financially) sustainable is your idea? If it isn’t sustainable yet, we will explore potential ways of future sustainability.
  6. Scalability: How and to which extent can we scale it up?
  7. Appeal: Can you make people enthusiastic about your idea?
  8. Team: You don’t necessarily need to have the perfect team in place, but is your team committed? How are you connected to organisations that can bring your idea further? Do you have solid knowledge and experience in the context of the idea? And are you open to new approaches and new collaborations?

How to Apply

  • When you apply for Best Idea 2018 you agree to our Terms & Conditions Best Idea 2018. (Note: travel costs are at your own expense!)
  • If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact them through [email protected]
  • Apply by filling out the form online.
  • Good luck and hope to see you on June 15!

Deadline: applications close May 31, 2018.

Click here for more details and to apply

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