The local University West scholarship programme in Sweden is open for students admitted for any of their master’s programmes for 2018/2019 academic session. The scholarship will cover the tuition fee for the programme, fully or partly, not costs for travel, living costs or other.

A scholarship committee is overall responsible for the principle of the scholarships and decides every year on how to distribute the funds available between departments/faculties.

It is the departments/faculties that decides structure (100% or 50% reduction of tuition fee or a combination of them both) and the number of scholarships for every program.

It is also the department/faculty responsible for each Master’s program that decides which applicants should be awarded scholarships.

Worth of Award

  • The scholarships for international fee-paying students are offered as a reduction of the tuition fee.
  • If a student is awarded a 50% reduction the tuition fee invoice sent will be reduced with the same amount.

For the academic year of 2018/19 it has been decided to distribute the scholarship funds as follows:

  • Master in Finance –  2 scholarships covering half the tuition fee
  • Master in International Business  – 2 scholarships covering half the tuition fee
  • Master in IT and Management, 2 scholarships covering half the tuition fee
  • Master in Manufacturing Engineering – 1 scholarship covering the full tuition fee
  • Master in Robotics and Automation – 1 scholarship covering the full tuition fee, 1 scholarship covering half the tuition fee
  • Master in International Politics – 2 scholarships covering the full tuition fee


  • The scholarship applicants are ranked based on two criteria. The relevance of the bachelor program of which the student has been admitted and the academic results achieved.
  • If students are given the same merit number after these two criteria the ranking of the home university that issued the Bachelor degree and working experience can be taken into consideration. But only if two candidates can’t be separated by the first two criteria.
How to Apply
  • You apply for the scholarship by filling the form below and submitting it before April 20.
  • If someone does not accept the scholarship next in line will be given notice as soon as possible.

Deadline: applications close April 20, 2018. The students who are awarded a scholarship will be notified before May 15 by e-mail.

Click here for more details and to apply

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