The Irish Research Council in Ireland invites applications for an Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme for 2018 academic year. The Council offers opportunities for suitably qualified individuals to take up an employment-based award to carry out research leading to a postgraduate qualification in any discipline, granted by an eligible HEI within Ireland.

The application for a scholarship is developed by the applicant, in collaboration with an Employment Partner and host HEI. Awardees have, for the term of the award, dual status as an employee of the employment partner and postgraduate student of the host HEI.
Application for a scholarship can be made in respect of both a Masters Degree by Research or a PhD.

Worth of Award

  • The total value of the Employment Based Programme Scholarship, will be up to a maximum of €24,000 in any approved year for the duration of the Scholarship.
  • The maximum that can be spent in any year of the Scholarship is €24,000, plus any unspent balance of eligible direct research support expenses carried over from the previous year of the Scholarship. Apart from this exception, funds may not be carried forward from one year to the next.
  • While the Award is made to the individual Scholar, the Scholarship Fund is administered through the appropriate office within the host HEI.
  • The HEI will retain the eligible direct research support expenses portion of the Scholarship Fund provided by the Council (up to a maximum of €2,250 per annum), and transfer the €16,000 per annum contribution towards the employment of the Scholar and up to a maximum of €5,750 as the contribution to the Scholarship fees, to the Employment Partner.

Scholars must fulfil the following criteria:
must not have applied more than once to the Scheme and at the time of application:

  • be a new entrant to the degree for which they are to receive Council funding and have been formally accepted by the relevant department/school by, at the latest, 1st October 2018; or
  • fulfil the criteria in Clause 4.5 if already registered and part of the degree has been completed.
  • and in the case of Research Masters Scholarships, not currently holding or having previously held a Council Postgraduate Scholarship.
  • Degree Scholarships, not currently holding or having previously held any Council Postgraduate Scholarship other than those which would enable them to obtain a Research Masters Degree.

How to Apply

  • Please see the application flowchart document for a diagram of the application and assessment process.
  • Applications (including an academic supervisor, employment mentor, and referee forms) will only be accepted through the online application system.
  • The online application system will open shortly, and a guide for applicants will be posted on this page.
  • As an aid to preparing an application prior to the opening of the online application system, an indicative Word document version of the application form is provided below. Indicative academic supervisor, employment mentor and referee forms are also provided.
  • These forms are for information purposes: all applicants (and supervisors and referees) must register and submit their applications through the online application system according to the deadlines below.

Deadline: applications close 16:00 (Irish time) 12 April 2018

Click here for more details and to apply

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