The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institutes in UK invites applications for the Post-doctoral fellowships for exceptional early-career individuals to lead an extended period of research and contribute to the development of the field of improvement studies for the 2018/2019 academic year.

They are seeking applications from the head of an academic department nominating a candidate fellow to be hosted by that department. Nominated individuals may have a clinical or non-clinical professional background in any discipline that can make a contribution to research focused on improving healthcare for people in the UK.

Worth of Award

  • The award has a maximum value of £150,000 over the period of funding, regardless of length or clinical/non-clinical status of fellows. It is expected, at a minimum, that a university will use the funding to pay for:
  • Salary costs for the fellow including all on-costs (superannuation and NI)
  • Research costs (e.g. conference attendance, items of small equipment, transcription costs, meeting costs, and expenses for service-user participants)
  • Dissemination and publication costs, including at least two open-access publications
  • Any UK university may apply to the scheme, with a maximum of one post-doctoral fellowship application per university per funding round.
  • Nominated individuals should have received their PhD between two and six years prior to the application. Their PhD should be in a discipline that is relevant to scientific efforts to improve healthcare.
  • A post-doctoral fellowship is intended to be held full-time for two years. Part-time applications (at a minimum of 0.6FTE) will be considered where, for example, applicants are undergoing clinical training or other circumstances apply.

How to Apply

  • All applications must be submitted via our Fellowship Management System. All applications should be submitted by an administrative authority/finance office in the applying university.
  • Applications will be assessed against the selection criteria included in the Guidance for applicants. Short-listed applications will be sent for external peer-review.

Deadline: applications close July 9, 2018

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