The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institutes in UK invites applications for a PhD fellowship for an individual who will carry out an extended supervised period of research and contribute to the development of the field of improvement studies in the 2018 academic year.
They are seeking applications from universities who will recruit and sell high-caliber students to undertake PhD student fellowships. Universities may appoint clinical and non-clinical candidates.

Worth of Award
The award ranges from £137,500 to £276,000 per doctoral fellowship, allowing for clinical salaries where appropriate and adjusting for the length of the fellowship (PhD or 1 + 3 model). It is expected, at a minimum, that a university will use the funding to pay for:

  • Relevant Masters / PhD fees (UK rates)
  • A stipend or salary for the PhD student
  • Research costs (e.g. conference attendance, items of small equipment, transcription costs, meeting costs, and expenses for service-user participants)
  • Dissemination and publication costs, including at least one open-access publication
  • Any UK university may apply to the scheme, with a maximum of two doctoral fellowship applications per university per funding round. Where more than one department is applying, each of the two departments must submit a separate application.
  • The fellowships may include a Masters course to provide relevant research training before commencing a PhD (1+3 model). Universities will be responsible for recruitment and should propose up to three projects in the area of improvement research to provide a choice to prospective PhD students.
  • The PhD fellowships are intended to be held full-time but part-time applications may be considered by universities, for example, where applicants are undergoing clinical training or other circumstances apply.
How to apply
  • All applications must be submitted via our Fellowship Management System.
  • All applications should be submitted by an administrative authority/finance office in the applying university.

Deadline: applications close March 19, 2018

Click here for more details and to apply

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