It seems that lately there are all kinds of things that are being put above high school and college education. With this in mind, it might be important to note all of the reasons why completing your education, or even making a decision to further it, could make all the difference in your life. Also when speaking to parents it is evident that education has to be a driving factor in the way that you raise your children.
Reinventing the Wheel
Education is primarily a tool to divulge the information that we already know and help others to understand this information as well. To put this into perspective, those who are being educated are being taught factual specifics that have been proven, experienced, seen and felt throughout the history of the world. Without this information, with every problem that a person encountered, they would have no frame of reference for dealing with the situation. For lack of a better phrase, they would have to reinvent the wheel.
A Stable Future
Perhaps one of the most common positive points that are drawn from someone attempting to encourage education would be better financial opportunities after high school and after college. In fact, high school graduates stand to make more money than those that drop out of school. In this scenario, the college graduate statistically will make 100 percent more than the high school graduate with no furthered education. Employers and companies value someone who showed ambition and drive to educate themselves in a college or university setting.
Social Interaction
Educated individuals are often more social and better fits for society in general than uneducated people. The lack of education has often led to a susceptibility to incorrect ways of thinking, including hateful mindsets like racism and sexism. Education provides the structure of dangerous thought patterns like these, and can help to explain the importance of equality.
Better Rounded Individuals
Education has a way of producing better rounded individuals than a lack of education would. You see, even at just the traditional full high school education process, students should graduate with a base area of knowledge in many fields. They should be able to solve common and basic math problems, they should be able to have a basic idea of how certain processes of the world function on a scientific level, should have a general idea of the history of the world and their own country, and should have encountered classic works of literature in their high school years as well.
Education Teaches Introspection
Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of why education should be prioritized is that it helps a person to better understand themselves. Education can be the pathway to self-discovery, offering new hobbies, interests, goals, and more. This can be a decisive factor in activities beyond work in the future, and the choice of friends. It will also have quite a hand in choosing the job that a person has, as it will help them to understand what their ideal job actually is.
All in all, education is something that simply has to be a priority over everything else. With so many drop outs from high school every year, or all of those that never finish college, it seems a shame that many of these students will never reach their full potential. As a parent, you have to encourage your children in any possible way to seek the path of education. As a student, it might seem like something that will never benefit you, but even statistics suggest that you will be better off in general, financially, and socially for the simple steps of educating yourself.
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