The University of Sheffield in UK offers an automatic scholarship to students progressing from an NCUK pathway to their undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses at the University of Sheffield for 2018/2019 academic session.

The scholarship can be awarded in-conjunction with a University of Sheffield merit scholarship, tuition fee payment discount or Alumni/Sibling & Spouse reward, subject to the other eligibility and award criteria.

The scholarship is for full-time and part-time students only. Students studying online or via distance learning are not eligible for a scholarship.

Worth of Award

  • Part-time students will receive the full value of a one year of scholarship split pro-rata over the duration of an equivalent single full-time academic year.
  • Subject to meeting the eligibility and award criteria a scholarship will be worth the following:

    • £2,000 if your tuition fees are between £16,800 and £18,900
    • £2,500 if your tuition fees are £18,901 and upwards


  • Your degree or foundation degree (undergraduate) or Taught Masters (postgraduate) must be scheduled to commence at the University of Sheffield in September 2018.
  • You must enter the University of Sheffield directly from an NCUK institution.
  • For undergraduates student subject to meeting the eligibility and award criteria the scholarship will be guaranteed in your first year of study. The award is applicable to each subsequent academic year of study, subject to achieving 60% or above and achieving a minimum of 120 credits in the previous academic year. This excludes any years in industry or study abroad periods.
  • The scholarship will not be applied during any optional or compulsory study abroad periods or year in industry.
  • If you are studying a 2-year Masters programme the scholarship will be available in the second year of your studies subject to successful completion of year 1.
  • The scholarship will take the form of a tuition fee reduction only.
  • You must be self-funded and classified as overseas for tuition fee purposes.

How to Apply

  • The scholarship will be awarded automatically – no scholarship application is required in the first or any subsequent years.
  • You can apply to study an undergraduate degree at the University from anywhere in the world. It’s important to apply as early as possible as demand for places on undergraduate degrees is high.
  • Use the University’s online application system to apply – you don’t need to wait for final examination results or references.

Deadline: Application closes by June 15, 2018

Click here for more details and to apply


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