Japan Educational Exchange and Services (JEES), with the support of Mitsubishi Corporation (Takehiko Kakiuchi, President, and CEO), invites applications from international students for  the Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship for the year 2018. International Scholarships in Japan
The aim of the International Scholarships in Japan is to provide financial aid to international students to study in Japan.
The Scholarship is intended to provide support to outstanding foreign students who are studying at Japanese universities and graduate schools at their own expense. It is hoped that this will both help alleviate the financial concerns and enhance the learning effectiveness of the recipients. International Scholarships in Japan
Worth of Award

  • Undergraduate: ¥100,000/Month,
  • Graduate / Doctorate: ¥150,000/Month.
  • Students of any nationality other than Japan are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Only applicants who meet all of the following criteria will be considered:

(1) A student with citizenship of a country other than Japan and who are paying their own expenses
(2) Someone who intends to study in Japan as an official undergraduate student, graduate student or doctoral student as of April 2018
(3) Someone in need of financial assistance (someone who pays for a large portion of their own expenses through part-time work, etc.)
(4) Someone who doesn’t receive other scholarships except for loan scholarships, tuition exemption or one-time lump sum scholarships.
(5) Someone who is eligible to receive the Scholarship at least for one year.
(6) Someone who has not received the Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship in the past.
(7) A talented, well-behaved individual who is in good health, both mentally and physically
(8) Someone who has a keen interest in societal contribution geared towards international exchange, and who has a strong desire to contribute to the development of the global society both now and in the future
(9) Someone who does not plan to go abroad, as a general rule, for six months or longer during the Scholarship period.
(10) Someone who comes highly recommended by their university.

  • Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

How to Apply
Recommendation Materials
(1) Application Form (Attachment 1): 1 form
In principle, this form should be completed in Japanese. However, for students enrolled in courses that are conducted entirely in English, the form may be completed in English.
(2) Applicant Photo: 1 photo
Must be taken within the last 6 months. 4.0cm length by 3.0 width, upper body included, head uncovered. Write Applicant’s name on the reverse side and attach to the Application Form
(3) Letter of Recommendation from University Head (Attachment 2): 1 form
Reasons for recommendation should be written by a current professor or other similar person of authority
(4) A copy of the Applicant’s official academic transcript for 2016 1 form
If transcripts are unavailable, the Applicant must attach a written explanation (format not fixed).
Deadline: Applications close by December 18, 2017
Click here for more details and to apply

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