Lane Community College Eugene, USA offers scholarships to both new and current international students for 2019/2020 Academic Session.
Current student scholarships are offered through the LCC Foundation. They hold a scholarship competition each winter. Please visit the LCC Foundation website for more information.
A very limited number of options exist in the event of financial emergency. Please see an International Academic Advisor or Colby Sheldon for more information.
New International Students can apply for scholarships below. To be considered for a scholarship, students must first apply to study at Lane.
Worth of Award

  • Range from $500-$3,500.

New international student scholarships:

  • Are available to students who have never been a student at Lane before.
  • Range from $500-$3,500.
  • Are awarded through a competitive process.
  • Require recipients to volunteer 25 hours of service.
  • Are applied to the recipients’ tuition after students are fully enrolled at Lane.
  • Are distributed over three terms.


  • Both new and current international students.
How to Apply

You must first apply for admission into the university

  • Please fill out the application below.
  • Questions with a red asterisk (*) must be answered.
  • Upload a copy of your most recent transcript from your high school or university. A transcript is a copy of a student’s permanent academic record.
  • Take time to think about and write out your answers to the questions
  • Fall term admission – June 15
  • Winter term admission – October 30
  • Spring term admission – January 15

Click here for more details and apply

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