Villanova University, USA is inviting prospective undergraduate students worldwide to apply for the Merit-Based Presidential Scholarship Program for the 2018/2019 session.

Villanova University is a private institution that was founded in 1842. Villanova University’s ranking in the 2018 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 46. Its tuition and fees are $51,434 (2017-18).

The Villanova Wildcats – known for their successful men’s basketball program – mainly compete in the NCAA Division I Big East Conference. Incoming freshmen are guaranteed housing for their first three years. Villanova is also home to the famous Liberty Bell’s twin, known as the “Sister Bell.”
Worth of Award

  • The Presidential Scholarship is a renewable, merit-based award covering full tuition
  • accommodation,
  • board (meal plan includes up to 19 meals per week),
  • general fee,
  • and the cost of textbooks for eight consecutive semesters.


  • Students from any country in the world
  • Each student is required to maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.33.
  • During their freshman year, Presidential Scholars cannot be placed on probation. If their GPA falls below 3.33, they will receive a letter of concern that requires them to meet with their advisor, who will discuss their academic performance and offer suggestions and resources. The first time they can be placed on probation is the second semester of their sophomore year.
  • Once on probation, a student has three semesters to attain an overall GPA of 3.33 before losing the Scholarship.  Each semester they are on probation, a letter is sent informing them of the fact and they are asked to meet with their academic advisor who will discuss their academic performance, offer suggestions and resources, and mandate certain actions as a condition of maintaining the Scholarship.
  • If a student received a letter of concern or probationary letter, they must abide by any stipulations their advisor requires or risk losing the Scholarship.
  • If a student’s overall GPA goes above a 3.33, she or he is removed from probation. If it falls below 3.33 again, the probationary process begins again from the beginning.

How to Apply
In order to be considered for a Presidential Scholarship, students must:

  • Apply to Villanova University through the Common Application. See link below
  • Be nominated by one of the following:
  • Chief academic officer of their high school (principal, president, headmaster)
  • Guidance counselor or an official school designee
  • Representative from a homeschool entity or non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged high school students with the college search process
  • Nominators must submit the Nomination Form
  • Once CRF has received the Nomination Form, the nominee will receive a confirmation email, which includes the link to an online interest form. Upon completion of this form, the student will receive the Presidential Scholarship application materials with additional instructions. This email will provide access to a downloadable PDF with eight short answer questions, which must be uploaded via the student’s application status page by January 2.
  • The emails will come from [email protected] Please make sure that all email accounts are set up to receive messages from this email address.
  • Please do not call their office to confirm receipt of nominations. Nominators and nominees will receive confirmations by email.
  • Students will not have access to the Presidential Scholarship Application until they have received the nomination confirmation email and have completed the online form indicating their interest in being considered for the Presidential Scholarship.
  • By Jaunary 2, the Presidential Scholarship Application will be available to the student via email once the nomination is received and the student has completed the online form indicating their interest in consideration for the Presidential Scholarship.
  • Please note: The Presidential Scholarship Application cannot be submitted until the student has applied to Villanova University through the Common Application.
  • To apply, eight short essays need to be completed (word limit is 200 words per essay).
  • Essays can be viewed by downloading the application from the email by saving the PDF attachment to your computer.
  • Essay responses can be prepared directly on the downloaded fillable PDF document and saved to your computer until they are ready for submission. (To save the application to your computer, use the “Save As”  function on Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  • To submit your completed application, upload your document using the “Browse” function and then click “Submit.”
  • Once you click “Submit,” your application submission is final and you will no longer have access to the Presidential Scholarship Application.
  • You will receive a message on your browser that the application has been submitted successfully and your checklist will be updated to show that your Presidential Scholarship application has been completed.
    • The Presidential Scholarship Application must be submitted online through the online application portal by January 2.
  • Please Note: In the online interest form (included in the nomination confirmation email), students will also be asked if they would like to be considered for the Presidential Scholarship for historically underrepresented students (members of a low-income family – usually Pell Grant eligible, African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian/Native Alaskan, Asian/Pacific Islander, and those who are the first in their family to pursue a college education).Students can be considered for the Presidential Scholarship for historically underrepresented students in addition to the Presidential Scholarship for their respective college (Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Business, or Nursing). Eligibility for the Presidential Scholarship for historically underrepresented students is limited to U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents. If you are offered an interview for both, we strongly suggest that you consider taking advantage of both opportunities.
  • Presidential Scholarship Finalists are REQUIRED to attend the interviews on campus in February. Finalists are expected to stay on campus for the entire three days.
  • All finalists will be notified of the selection committees’ decisions at the end of February.
  • If you need assistance filling out the Common Application or the Villanova Supplement to the Common Application, please contact the Admissions Office at:

Office of University AdmissionVillanova University
Austin Hall
800 E. Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085
Phone: 610.519.4000
Fax: 610.519.6450
[email protected]
Deadline: Apply to Villanova University through the Common Application by Dec. 1. Nominators must submit the Nomination Form by Dec. 1
Click here for more details and to apply
Click here to apply

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