ITI International Team for Implantology offers  ITI Scholarships for International Students to spend a year abroad at one of 26 ITI Scholarship Centers at 22 universities worldwide.

The goals of the ITI Scholarship Program are to help clinicians further their training in implant dentistry and related treatments and to foster international exchange along with professional networking as an enriching educational experience and to help develop future leaders in implant education and the ITI.The ITI is a worldwide Association of professionals in implant dentistry. The objectives of the ITI are the promotion and dissemination of knowledge about implant dentistry and related fields.No language certificate is required at the time of application. However, some ITI Scholarship Centers may request a certificate before the start of the Scholarship year.
Scholarships are awarded to help clinicians further their training in implant dentistry and related treatments. Scholarships are awarded in implant dentistry and related fields.
Worth of Award

  • The ITI supports each ITI Scholar with a stipend equivalent to 30,000 Swiss Francs towards living expenses.
  • The stipend is paid in a predefined currency and is calculated in line with purchasing-power parity.
  • The ITI awards up to 15 Scholarships each year.
  • Scholarship can be taken at: 22 Universities Worldwide

Below is a list of the main requirements in order to apply for an ITI Scholarship:

  • A BDS, DDS or equivalent diploma
  • At least two years’ postgraduate training in a dental specialization such as periodontology, oral surgery, prosthodontics or similar. Alternatively, three years of professional clinical experience as a qualified dentist including implant-related experience is acceptable. Postgraduate training must be finished by the time the Scholarship year starts, but applications may be submitted while the applicant is still in training.
  • Commitment to teaching and education
  • Sound knowledge of the local language of the preferred ITI Scholarship Center
  • Language certificates for non-native speakers are required by the beginning of the ITI Scholarship year by certain ITI Scholarship Centers, please see individual ITI Scholarship Centers descriptions on the ITI website. Where no requirement is specified, language certificates for non-native speakers are recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Students from around the world are eligible to apply.

How to Apply
To successfully complete the online application process, please note the following:

  • The letter of intent and the two recommendation letters must be in English
  • All documents must be in PDF format
  • Make sure you have the email addresses of your two supporters
  • Study the list of ITI Scholarship Centers and select two different Centers

Deadline: The application deadline is June 30, 2017.
Click here for more details and to apply 

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