The 2012/2013 Knight-Mozilla fellowship is now open for application. Successful applicants will be embedded in as developers and technologists in newsrooms around the world to spend a year writing code in collaboration with reporters, designers, and newsroom developers. Fellows work in the open by sharing their code and their discoveries on the web, helping to strengthen and build journalism’s toolbox.
The Knight-Mozilla Fellows are able to experience the day-to-day energy of some of the best newsrooms in the world. Being present as news breaks, writing code for the day’s headlines, and taking a step back to solve real-world journalistic problem sets, the Knight-Mozilla Fellows’ work is as real-world as it gets.
Knight-Mozilla Fellows share the work they’re doing with the world outside of the newsroom. By blogging their experiences, pushing code to open repositories, taking part in the OpenNews community calls, and engaging with other developers, the Knight-Mozilla Fellows are helping to spread the code they’re making and strengthen the journalism-developer community.
Eligibility: The fellowship is open to developers, technologists, engineers, and programmers passionate about changing the world of journalism?
Number of 2012/2013 Fellows: Eight newsrooms around the world will be hosting Knight-Mozilla Fellows in 2012/13.
Financial Benefits: The standard Fellowship offers a stipend of $60,000, paid in 10 monthly installments. Fellows are responsible for remitting all applicable taxes and other government payments as required.
Visa Assistance: Mozilla will work directly with News Partners to secure temporary work visas as required on behalf of Fellows who require them.
Deadline: August 11, 2012.
For more information about the fellowship, and to apply online, click here.