CIPE and Atlas Corps invite applicants for the new Think Tank LINKS (Leaders, Innovators, and Knowledge Sharing) Fellowship based in Washington, DC. The all-expenses paid program provides an opportunity for talented young professionals from developing countries with strong research backgrounds to shadow leading U.S. think tanks for six months. In addition, Fellows will be enrolled in a professional development training program and join a growing network of nonprofit leaders from around the world.
Fellows will be based at leading think tanks in Washington, DC area for six months (January through June 2013). They will serve 40 hours per week at their host think tanks, focused on a mutually agreed-upon research topic that relates to democratic and/or economic reforms. Fellows are expected to publish their research during the program through articles, blogs, and presentations.
Money Matters
CIPE and Atlas Corps will provide Fellows with logistical support regarding visa, health insurance, stipend, and international travel. Fellows will also receive a monthly living stipend that covers basic housing, food, and transportation for one person.
If selected as a Fellow, you are responsible for the following pre-departure logistics.
Visa Expenses
Selected candidates are expected to pay for their travel to the U.S. Embassy and pay the initial visa expenses. If the visa is approved, CIPE and Atlas Corps will reimburse your visa fees, but not the travel to the Embassy.
Participation Fee
Fellows are required to contribute a $250 participation fee. If a Fellow ends the program in good standing, they will receive a $500 end of service award. The $250 participation fee will only be collected from applicants who are matched with an organization and accepted as a Think Tank LINKS Fellow.

  • Demonstrated research background relating to issues of democracy and/or economic reform
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in Economics, Public Policy, Finance, or a related field
  • At least two (2) years of professional experiences with proven record of research-based work
  • Proficiency in English (both in writing and speaking)
  • Age 35 or younger
  • Currently working for a think tank, policy research institution, or a similar organization.

After the initial screening by CIPE and Atlas Corps, top applicants will be interviewed and selected by the respective Host Organization’s staff. Preference will be given to non-OECD applicants.
Responsibilities of Think Tank LINKS Fellows:

  • Conduct research on a topic that relates to democratic or economic reforms.
  • Produce research results that meet the thematic and quality criteria set by CIPE, Atlas Corps, and the host think tank.
  • Contribute to CIPE’s Development Blog ( to highlight key findings.
  • Participate in Atlas Corps’ Nonprofit Management Series training sessions.
  • Attend orientation, roundtable discussions, and other activities as required by CIPE, Atlas Corps, and the host think tank.
  • If selected, pay a USD $250 participation fee, which will be returned upon successful completion of the fellowship.
  • Return to home country after the Fellowship.

How to Apply

  • Enter “CIPE Atlas Corps Think Tank LINKS Fellowship” as the response to the question, “where did you hear about Atlas Corps” question.
  • Attach a Word document to your application responding to the following essay questions instead of the ones listed online (limit your responses to 200 – 300 words each). You must answer all six (6) questions:
    • Please write one paragraph about yourself focused on your research and writing accomplishments in academic and/or professional settings. Please use specific examples and include topics of research.
    • Why do you want to be a Think Tank LINKS Fellow? What do you hope to learn from the Fellowship?
    • Why should a host think tank select you as Think Tank LINKS Fellow?
    • What role do think tanks play in your country? In your experience, how do think tanks contribute to democratic development?
    • How do you plan to implement lessons from this Fellowship when you return to your home organization?
    • Think Tank LINKS Fellows need to demonstrate a sense of adventure, independence, and cultural adaptability. Describe a past experience(s) that reflects these qualities.
  • Attach a writing sample that demonstrates your research, writing, and analytical skills. It should be in Word document or PDF file, and it should be no more than 10 pages.
  • Attach two (2) letters of recommendations from individuals who know you in a professional capacity and can write about your skills and experiences as well as your potential for success as a Think Tank LINKS Fellow. One of the letters should be from your current employer.

Deadline: August 15, 2012. Fellows will be selected by October 2012. The program begins in January 2013 and ends in June 2013.
For more information, and to apply, click here.