You can schedule your visa appointments without the help of an agent. To do this, follow these simple steps and please, take note of the terms used for clarity and conciseness.
To ensure that every qualified student visa applicant is able to begin or return to his/her program of study on time, the Department of State and the U.S. Mission to Nigeria has taken a number of steps to expedite and improve the student visa application process:

  • Expedited visa appointments
  • Reserved visa appointment slots for students

Expedited Student Visa Appointments: To get a student (“F” visa) or exchange visitor (“J” visa) visa appointment:

  • Pay the visa application fee at a designated branch of UBA plc, and go on-line to schedule an appointment and pay the VFS visa appointment fee (see link below).  Make an appointment for the earliest available date.
  • If your scheduled appointment is later than your planned arrival and you have not been refused a visa in the last six months, please request an expedited visa appointment when you schedule your slot. They cannot expedite your appointment if you have not already made an appointment and paid the VFS appointment fee.

Supporting documents:
Apply Early: Demand for student visa appointments is especially heavy during the end-of-year holiday season.  The earlier you apply, the more likely we will be able to give you an appointment date that suits your needs.  You may apply as soon as you have your required forms and payments in hand.
Please Note: The U.S. Mission in Nigeria provides these services for the benefit of Nigerian students who plan to begin or continue studies in the United States.  Visa applicants other than students who attempt to use these services inappropriately will be turned away and will not be issued a visa
To schedule appointment:
To schedule an appointment, follow the instructions below. Each applicant will need to schedule a separate appointment, and each applicant will need a separate passport unless your minor child is endorsed in your passport.

  1. At a branch of GTBank, pay the Machine Readable Visa (MRV) fee that applies to your intended visa category.
  2. Complete a DS160 online visa application (see link below). Once you have finished the application, you should print the DS160 application confirmation page.  You will need the receipt number when scheduling an appointment and you will need the confirmation page on the day of your interview.
  3. Go to the CGI visa appointment website for the U.S. Mission to Nigeria (Internet Explorer or Mozilla browser required)
  4. Click on the green “Apply Now” button on the upper right side of the screen.  There you will find detailed instructions on how to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment. On the website itself, there is also additional information about how to pay application fees and select the appropriate visa categories.
  5. Use the above website to request an appointment in either Abuja or Lagos. You will be asked to indicate where you would like to apply and where you would like to pick up your travel documents should you qualify for a visa (Note: these locations must match unless you choose to pick up at the DHL location in Port Harcourt.)
  6. Choose an appointment date and time that is available, and fill out the required information.  Enter your Surname and all your Given Names exactly as they appear in your passport. Enter your passport number exactly as it appears in your passport, with no extra spaces. Enter the DS160 (CEAC) receipt number exactly as it was given to you when you finished your application.  Provide an accurate e-mail address and telephone number (so Embassy or Consulate staff can reach you in case of emergency). PLEASE NOTE:  You will only be allowed to attend your interview with the passport bearing the number entered here AND if your name exactly matches the name in your passport, and with a DS160 confirmation printout that matches the DS160 application (CEAC) receipt number you used when scheduling the appointment. You may only schedule one appointment per passport number.
  7. Applicants who arrive more than 60 minutes after their scheduled appointment will not be allowed to interview, will have to schedule a new appointment and may be required to pay a new fee. Applicants who arrive on time but without required documents (for example, DS-160 confirmation page, I-20, passport) have 60 minutes from their appointment time to return with the documents to be eligible for an interview.If they do not return within 60 minutes, they are required to schedule a new appointment and may have to pay a new fee. Applicants may reschedule using the same fee receipt after 48 hours only if they have not exceeded the schedule/cancellation limit.

Click here to schedule an appointment
Click here to Complete a DS160 online visa application
Click here for CGI Visa Appointment website
email [email protected] or [email protected] for any information.

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