ERASMUS Mundus seeks applications for EMARO+ scholarships For 2017-2019 intake.  EMARO+, European Master on Advanced Robotics Plus, is an integrated Masters course open for both non-European and European students.
EMARO and EMARO+ have been designed and accepted in the framework of the European Union ERASMUS-MUNDUS programme. The Erasmus Mundus programme is a cooperation and mobility programme of the European Union in the field of higher education which promotes the European Union as a center of excellence in learning around the world.
It aims to enhance quality in European higher education and to promote intercultural understanding through co-operation with third countries.

  • Scholarships are available to join EMARO+ Master course conducted by four European institutions: Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), University of Genova (Italy) and Jaume I University (Spain). EMARO+ involves 7 associated partners: Faculty of Science and Technology in Keio University – Japan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University – China IRT Jules Verne – France, Airbus Group Innovations – France, BA Systemes – France, Robotnik –  Spain, SIIT – Italy
  • Scholarships are awarded in the field of Robotics.

Worth of Award
Eramus Mundus Scholarships are given to

  • Partner countries students who are ranked among the top 12
  • Programme countries students ranked in the top  2

(2): This amount will not be allocated if the student carries out a mobility in his country of residence.(1): Distance from Partner country resident to the EMJMD coordinating HEI (Ecole Centrale de Nantes)
Consortium Scholarships (if not selected for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship):

  • CS top 10: 7000 €/year for Partner countries students who are ranked, among the remaining candidates, in the top 10 Partner countries students (category A students).
  • CS top 20: 3000 €/year for Partner countries students ranked, among the remaining candidates, in the top 20 Partner countries students (category A students.
  • CS top 6: 2500 €/year for Programme countries students who are ranked, among the remaining candidates, in the top 6 Programme countries students (category B students).
  • CS top 12: 1000 €/year for Programme countries students ranked, among the remaining candidates, in the top 12 Programme countries students (category B students).

The EMARO+ Consortium supports high-quality students having excellent academic results from around the world (non European and European) to join EMARO+ Master course.

  • Students from around the world (non-European and European) can apply.

List of Countries:

  • Partner country (category A) students are not from Programme countries (see below) and who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries.
  • Programme country (category B) students are from the European Union states and related countries : Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom + former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey. Partner country students who had a stay for more than 12 months over the last five years in these countries are considered as Programme country (category B).

How to Apply
The following documents must be uploaded on the application website (as PDF files)

  • CV with Identity photo
  • First pages of Passport or Identity card indicating the nationality
  • Academic degree and transcripts of all university studies with translation into English, i.e. Bachelor, Master or equivalent. All the documents must be grouped in a single file. If the degree will be obtained after the deadline, a certificate from the institution indicating the situation of the student and the expected date of graduation must be provided
  • Motivation letter
  • Recognized International English test Certificate
  • Residence certificate (only for applications to EMARO+ Erasmus Mundus scholarship)
  • Recommendation letters

Deadline: The call for applications for the intake 2017/2019 will be open from 17th October 2016, until 23rd January 2017.
Click here for more details and to apply

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