Schools of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK invites applications for a fully funded scholarship.  The student will work under the supervision of Dr Benito Sanz.
The University of Kent is well known internationally for its work on antennas and frequency selective surfaces. The aim of the project is to investigate innovative designs of three-dimensional antennas and electromagnetic structures which can be fabricated using additive manufacturing techniques. The work involves a collaboration with the Centre for process innovation. CPI has some of the most advanced systems for depositing metallic tracks on polymers as well as relevant expertise in the development of functional inks. The project supports significant interest in wearable technology and defence applications which strongly rely on integrated wireless communication.
Project Details
The main roles of the PhD student will include (i) investigating the electrical characteristics of various substrates, (ii) designing antennas which can be fabricated via additive manufacturing, (iii) interacting with the CPI for the fabrication of the devices, (iv) testing and characterization of prototypes. The student will also give presentations to the research groups and at conferences, write technical reports and  draft papers for peer-reviewed journals. Training in antenna design and all relevant lab techniques will be provided.
We are looking for an excellent student with a strong first degree or Master’s degree in electrical/electronic engineering, physical sciences or related areas relevant to the PhD topic. Principally based in Kent, it is also expected that the student will develop a close relationship with the industrial partner and be involved in fabrication and testing at their facilities.
Title:  Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing for the Development of Innovative Antenna Technology
PhD Supervisor:  Dr Benito Sanz, School of Engineering and Digital Arts
Worth of Award

  • Funding is available at the current home fee rate of £4,121.
  • There will also be combined maintenance funding of £14,296.


  • UK students and EU students who have been resident in the UK for three years prior to commencement are eligible to apply.

How to Apply

  • Apply for a PhD online  and specify the research topic “Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing for the Development of Innovative Antenna Technology”
  • Any enquiries relating to the project should be directed to Dr Benito Sanz

Deadline: application closes 6 November 2016
Click here for more details and to apply

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