Nordic Africa Institute offers scholarships for master students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers and journalists/writers based in Sweden, Finland and Iceland.
The aim of the scholarship programme is to offer a 1-month stay at the Nordic Africa Institute in order to facilitate the use of the Institute’s library collections on contemporary Africa (books, periodicals, newspapers, and government publications), and to create links to existing research at the Institute.
The Nordic Africa Institute is jointly financed by the Nordic countries Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland, but is formally a Swedish public authority. As an authority it is led by a Director, currently Iina Soiri, who is ultimately responsible to the Swedish government for the decisions taken.
Course Level: Scholarship is open to master students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers and journalists/writers for a one-month stay at the Nordic Africa Institute.
Study Subject: Scholarship is awarded within the discipline of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Worth of Award

  • The scholarship covers travelling expenses for the least expensive fare from residential address (in Sweden, Finland and Iceland) to Uppsala and return.
  • The scholarship holders are provided with a desk and computer in a shared office at the Institute and free accommodation centrally located in Uppsala.
  • The scholarship also include a subsistence allowance of SEK 150 per day and free photocopying up to a maximum of 1,000 copies.


  • Master students, PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers pursuing Africa-oriented studies/research in Social Sciences and Humanities and affiliated to universities and research centers in Sweden, Finland and Iceland are eligible candidates, regardless of citizenship.
  • Africa-oriented journalists and writers within the discipline of Social Sciences and Humanities in Sweden, Finland and Iceland can also apply for a scholarship.

How to Apply
Applications can be sent by email or by post.

  • Up-to-date CV, including a list of publications (if any).
  • Outline of research project, 3-5 pages:
    – The objective of the research project: The research topic should be clearly identified and contextualized within its academic discipline.
    – Method and time frame: Describe how the research project will be accomplished, state the research method, data gathering techniques and time frame.
    – Theoretical explication: A brief indication of the theoretical basis of the research project must be included.
    – The applicant should clarify what part of the research project he/she will work upon during the stay at the Nordic Africa Institute.
  • Reference: A signed letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor or head of the department, which confirms current affiliation and field of research. (Scanned versions of signed support letters can be emailed by the applicant.)

Deadline: The scholarships are awarded once per year and applications must be in by 16 October 2016 (for scholarships in 2017).
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