The National Institute of Genetics offers postdoctoral fellowships for applicants of all nationalities as project researchers and will receive annual salary approx. 4,100,000JPY including tax will be paid.
As a core institute of Genetics, NIG is acting for advanced research in the field of Life Sciences. This institute offers collaborative research opportunities to researchers throughout Japan. This institute strives to promote international scientific exchanges by sponsoring international symposia and through the exchange of researchers.
Course Level: Fellowships are available for pursuing the postdoctoral programme.
Study Subject: Fellowships are awarded in the field of Genetics.
Worth of Award
Annual salary approx. 4,100,000JPY including tax will be paid. Commuting allowance (conditional), MEXT mutual society of health insurance, compensation insurance and employment insurance will be covered.
Applicants must meet the following requirements.

  • Those who have obtained PhD degree (or equivalent) or are expected to obtain it by the time of employment.
  • Those who have sufficient research skills to promote research projects of genetics.
  • Those who have been working at a research group in NIG for more than one year immediately prior to the desired start date is not eligible to apply for the same research group.

How to Apply
PDF files of the following documents should be sent via e-mail after consulting with your prospective PI about your research project.
(1) Documents prepared by Applicant
Please prepare the following documents Form 1 to 4 in the specified forms which can be downloaded from the link below, and submit it after merging them into a single PDF file. The following points should be kept in mind when you prepare the documents.

  • Applications must be filled out in Japanese or English.
  • Do not change the layout, size (A4) and a number of pages.
  • Figures can be inserted and colour can be used in Format 2 and 4.

Form 1: Curriculum Vitae, Name of Prospective Laboratory, Desired Starting Date
Form 2: Summary of Past Research (1 page)
Form 3: List of Publications, Presentations and Achievements
Form 4: Research Plan at NIG (5 pages in total)
4-1: Purpose including its background 1 page
4-2: Research Outline 2 pages
4-3: Features and Creative Ideas 1 page
4-4: Annual Plan for 3 years 1 page
(2) Reference from Supervisor Forms not specified
The reference letter should be submitted directly to NIG by the supervisor
Applicants should ask someone (immediate supervisor, for example) who knows their work and personality well to write a letter of reference. He/she may be contacted and asked for further comments when necessary.
(3) Reference from Host PI Forms not specified
The reference letter should be submitted directly to NIG by the host PI
Applicants are requested to consult with their prospective PI about their research project in advance. Host PI is required describe the compatibility between applicant’s research plan and research at his/her laboratory.
Deadline: Fellowship application deadline is 11 July 2016.
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