The University of Alberta, Canada, is offering a master’s scholarship to domestic and international students who are being newly admitted into a thesis-based master’s program in the Fall or Winter Term of the competition year. Students who have completed any work in a master’s program are not eligible.
Worth of Scholarship
Offered for one year at a value of $17,000 plus tuition and fees up to the maximum cost for registration in the equivalent of 9 normal credit weights (equivalent to 18 fee index units) in courses or thesis research per term (or Thesis 919) for the first Fall Term and Winter Term of the master’s program. In addition, the department guarantees that a recipient will receive continued funding, from any combination of sources, for year 2 of the master’s program based on the rates for Graduate Assistantship appointments for 12 hours per week non Principal Instructor master’s students.
How to Apply
There is no application form; eligible students are considered on the recommendation of the admitting department. The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research makes the final decision. Approximately 20 awards are offered each year. Contact the department for additional information.
Deadline:  Please check specific deadlines set by departments. Most international applications must be received by either May 1 or July 1, depending on your nationality. Details on their website.
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