Victoria University of Wellington invites applications for Awards for New Zealand and international students available for Graduate programme.
Applicants may be able to show that they have an English speaking background if they have been in skilled employment in New Zealand and have been for at least 12 months. As a principal applicant applicants must provide a recent International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certificate where they gained an overall band score of 4 (or 3 if applying under Investor 2) or over in the IELTS General or Academic Module.
Course Level: Scholarship is awarded for pursuing Graduate programme.
Study Subject: Scholarship is available to learn any of the courses offered by the university.
Worth of Award
These awards consist of domestic tuition fees payable for the nominated degree programme up to the value of $5,000. Graduate Awards are awarded solely on the basis of academic merit.
The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for this scholarship:
-Victoria Graduate Awards shall be awarded solely on the basis of academic merit by the University Research Scholarships Committee.
– Applicants are expected to have achieved a minimum A grade average (GPA 8.0) over 75 points at 300-level or above. At least 60 of these points must be in their nominated major or, for a major that requires fewer than 60 points; the additional points must be in a 300 level subject related to their major.
– These scholarships are awarded based on the funds available determining the final minimum GPA requirement in any one year.
-Holding a Victoria Graduate Award is conditional upon the scholarship recipient gaining enrolment in their intended Honours or Masters programme.
Nationality: New Zealand and international students can apply for these awards.
How to Apply: Applications should be sent via post and also via e-mail. 
Supporting Material: Applications for these awards must be made on the forms obtainable from the Scholarship Website or from the Scholarships Office.
Applicants, other than those who have completed all of their study at Victoria, must include a certified copy of their academic transcripts from other institutions with this application.
-Applicants whose degree has been conferred at any university other than a New Zealand University will be considered in two categories:
Category 1: applicants from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany or Australia must supply an original or certified copy of their university transcript.
Category 2: applicants from any other country must have their transcript verified and assessed with a course by course evaluation by one of the below education evaluators:
-Educational Credential Evaluators
-National Recognition Information Centre (UK)
Deadline: Applications will close on 1 November each year.
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