Stiftung Mercator and Istanbul Policy Center at Sabanci University invites applications for Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program for international applicants comprising scholars, journalists, professionals and civil society activists to work on academic and practical projects at Istanbul Policy Center (IPC).
The Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program is part of the Istanbul Policy Center-Sabanci University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative, a strategic partnership between Sabanci University and Stiftung Mercator.
Course Level: Fellowships are available to scholars, journalists, professionals and civil society activists to work on academic and practical projects at Istanbul Policy Center (IPC).
Study Subject: The fellowship program will be open to academics and professionals who work in one of the following two thematic areas: EU/German-Turkish relations and climate change.
List of Subjects:
U/German-Turkish Relations- Re-energizing the accession process and discussing Turkey’s role in the future architecture of the EU; Exploring methods of cooperation complementary to the accession process; Turkey’s role in the MENA region and its importance in the EU’s external actions and foreign policy; Refugee crises in the Europe and implications for EU/German Turkish relations; Managing and teaching diversity in pluralist societies/Education as a means to promote democratization and a culture of living together Integration of refugees into education systems in the EU and Turkey
Climate Change- Mapping the impacts of climate change in Europe and Turkey; Analysis of the social and economic impacts of climate change and related policies; Obstacles to policy reform (in developing countries) and overcoming the alleged dichotomy of economic development and environmentally friendly policies; Mechanisms for effective multi-level governance in climate change mitigation and adaptation; Turkey’s climate and energy policies in the European context
Worth of Award
Mercator-IPC Fellows will receive a monthly net payment of up to 2,700 EUR and a travel allowance of up to 2,500 EUR net in total.
There are two types of positions available:
-Mercator-IPC Fellowships are granted to outstanding young academics, journalists and professionals who have significant prior work experience. The fellows will be expected to work on academic or practical projects at IPC. A Master’s degree (or equivalent) is required for this position, but a PhD is strongly preferred. Applicants without a PhD degree will only be considered if their work experience and expertise meet the program requirements to the jury’s satisfaction. Projects which focus on the German-Turkish nexus are likewise preferred. Applicants cannot apply for fellowships to fund their PhD dissertations.
-Mercator-IPC Senior Fellowships are granted to internationally renowned scholars and highly respected representatives of civil society or politics who have already made a significant contribution to German-Turkish or European-Turkish relations. Senior Fellows are jointly chosen by the partners of the Istanbul Policy Center-Sabanci University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative.
Nationality: Applicants from outside of Turkey, especially from Germany are eligible to apply for this fellowship programme.
How to Apply: Applications should be submitted via email.
All applications must be submitted in the form of a single PDF document and must contain the following documents in English:
a) A cover letter;
b) A completed application form,
c) A CV including a list of all academic publications;
d) Copies of relevant academic transcripts and/or diplomas (no translations needed);
e) A written proposal containing a detailed description of the applicant’s project. This proposal must include:
-Discussion of the research/project topic, relevant research questions/project objectives and an explanation of the academic and political relevance of the project;
-An overview of the state of research or similar projects in the field;
-An overview of the theoretical and methodological approaches to be applied in the project (if relevant);
-A bibliography or background information related to the topic.
-The proposal should not exceed five pages (2 cm margin, 1.5 spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font).
f) A second written proposal with a short description of at least one additional project designed for public outreach, such as an event or a publication. This proposal must include:
-An outline describing the project’s format and time frame;
-A description of the target group, political relevance and predicted impact of the project;
-A budget plan and a list of possible partner institutions.
-The proposal should not exceed two pages (2 cm margin, 1.5 cell spacing and 12pt Times New Roman font). If the fellowship project described under e) is of a practical nature and already contains a public outreach component, it is not necessary to attach a second proposal.
g) A timeline of the proposed project;
h) Two letters of recommendation from professors or employers.
Deadline: The deadline for 2016/17 fellowship applications is April 11, 2016.
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