AREF research development fellowships open for applications for Sub-Saharan African postdoctoral researchers. The fellowship will provide an early career researcher with funding to support a placement of at least three months and up to nine months in Europe or South Africa.
The aim of the fellowships program is to enable talented African postdoctoral researchers – including those who are clinically active – to develop their own research ideas, advanced skills, collaborations, mentorship and funding proposals through a well-planned placement of 3-to-9-months in a leading research organization in South Africa, UK or continental Europe.
Course Level: Each fellowship will support a placement of three-to-nine months in a leading research organization in Europe or South Africa.
Study Subject: The scope of this competition will include infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases that are significant and/or identified as “neglected” in sub-Saharan Africa.
List of Subjects: The priority research methodologies and technologies applied to health research problems are as follows: advanced medical statistics, medical bioinformatics, biomedical computational modeling, molecular biology and omics technologies, other advanced, laboratory-based sciences, quantitative and qualitative social sciences and economics
Worth of Award

  •  The maximum award is £43,000 GB Pounds for a nine-month placement.
  • The length of the placement and actual amount awarded will depend on the detailed justification provided by the applicant and their sponsoring institutions.
  • Applicants will need to demonstrate a credible, ambitious vision for their research on a human-health challenge for Africa; and a transformational, well-supported development plan that would be significantly enhanced by the fellowship.

To hold an AREF Research Development Fellowship, applicant will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:
-be a national of a country in sub-Saharan Africa excluding South Africa;
-be a post-doctoral scientist with a PhD, with up to 4-years of active research experience on 1 July  2016; or be an active clinician with a relevant Master’s degree and up to 3-years active research experience;
-be working in an active research role at the time of applying, with a guarantee of employment with a university or other legally established research organization in sub-Saharan Africa for the duration of their fellowship; and
-submit the required documentation, including declarations from their home and host organizations detailing how they will support their development as a researcher, if they receive an award.
How to Apply: Application should be submitted by email to
Supporting Material: Applicants are to submit the following:
-A completed application form as a PDF, which will include details from their CV and an outline of the candidate’s research proposal, signed by the applicant, named senior scientist at host organization and administrative authority at host organization.
-Letters of support from named senior scientist at host organization and director of employing organization.
-PDF of scanned copies of two research publications of which the applicant is sole-author or co-author (optional)
-An electronic copy of the candidate’s most recently attained degree certificate, usually the PhD certificate 7
-Two professional references from academics that have worked with them
Deadline: The AREF Research Development Fellowship program will formally be launched on 4 April 2016. The first deadline for receipt of applications is 6 July 2016.
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