KAAD as the scholarship institution of the Catholic Church invites applications for the KAAD Scholarships in Germany for Developing Countries for the 2022/23 academic session.

There is, therefore, a certain leaning towards “development-oriented” studies.This does however not mean that other fields (cultural, philosophic, linguistic, etc.) cannot be of significance for a country or are ruled out.

KAAD is the scholarship institution of the Catholic Church in Germany. Applicants are, therefore, of catholic denomination: post-graduates or academics who already have work experience and plan to do post-graduate studies or spend a period of research at a higher-education institution in Germany (two to six months for researchers). If recommended by the local churches, also non-Christian candidates are eligible for funding. In general, applications are submitted to the partner committees in the candidates’ home countries. The programme is open to applicants from developing or transition countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America.


Worth of Award

The award of this scholarship covers the study cost of the student. Unfortunately, KAAD does not have the funds to fend for family members living in Germany.


You may apply for the KAAD Scholarship Programme 1 if you

  • are a national from, and currently reside in, a developing or transition country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America.
  • have obtained a higher education degree and already have work experience in your home country.
  • want to acquire a Master’s degree or PhD, complete post-doctoral studies or carry out a research project (2 to 6 months for researchers) at a German higher education institution.
  • are of Catholic faith (or another Christian denomination, if you are from the Middle East). If you belong to another religious denomination, you may be eligible, if a Catholic partner organization proposes you and you can demonstrate your willingness to participate in inter-religious dialogue.
  • have a knowledge of the German language prior to your stay in Germany. The KAAD may finance a German language course of up to 6 months in Germany.
  • demonstrate excellent academic achievement and potential for study and/or research.

How to Apply

  • The first request is placed through filling the application questionnaire and sending it to the KAAD offices.
  • Normally documents are submitted to the committee of the applicant’s home country. In the course of the application process, more documents need to be provided by the applicant and the KAAD-Partner-Committees are involved.
  • If the pre-selection process has been positive for the applicant, the application is passed on to an independent selection board, which sits twice per year (in March and in September).

Deadline: Applications for the September selection of the KAAD Scholarships in Germany need to be complete by the end of June.


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