The Newton International Fellowship scheme will select the very best early stage post-doctoral researchers from all over the world, and offer support for two years at UK research institutions.
The long-term aim of the scheme is to build a global pool of research leaders and encourage long-term international collaboration with the UK.The Newton International Fellowships scheme is run by The British Academy and the Royal Society.
There are approximately 40 Newton Fellowships available in this round
Duration and Level of Funding
Fellowships are tenable for a continuous period of two years. Newton Fellows must be based in the UK at the UK host organisation full time for the two year period. Funding will consist of £24,000 per annum for subsistence costs and up to £8,000 per annum research expenses, as well as a one-off payment of up to £2,000 for relocation expenses. In addition, Newton Fellows may be eligible for follow-up funding of up to £6,000 per annum for up to 10 years following the completion of the Fellowship.

  • Applicants should have completed a PhD and have held no more than 2 postdoctoral positions or equivalent experience at a comparable level
  • Applicants in the final stages of their PhD will be accepted provided that the PhD will be completed (including viva) before the start date of the Fellowship. Confirmation of award of the PhD will be required before any Fellowship award is confirmed
  • Applicants should be working outside the UK and should not hold UK citizenship at the time of application. Individuals already living, working or researching in the UK are not eligible to apply
  • Individuals working outside the UK but employed by a UK organisation are also not eligible to apply
  • Contact between the UK Sponsor and Applicant prior to the application is essential. This contact should lead to a clearly defined and mutually-beneficial research project proposal. Please note that the two implementing academies will not be able to assist in locating a UK Sponsor
  • Applicants must be competent in oral and written English. The UK Sponsor must confirm their competency on the application form and in their supporting statement
  • Applications from individuals who have not studied or worked in the UK previously are encouraged as the scheme aims to establish new links between the applicant and the UK
  • All applicants must be working and be based outside of the UK at the time of application. Applicants who completed their PhD at a UK organisation must have been working and based outside the UK for a significant amount of time and not just a few months, at the time of application. Applicants proposing to return to their UK PhD organisation and/or PhD supervisor will normally be considered to be ineligible and so applicants must have exceptional reasons for proposing to do so
  • Proposed Fellowships must be carried out in the UK at the UK host organisation for the two year period. Applicants cannot conduct their research outside the UK but short fieldwork trips abroad may be possible where appropriate. The short fieldwork trips abroad, normally, must not total more than one month per annum. Please note that fieldwork is defined as “(practical) gathering of material or data specifically for the Newton Fellowship project”
  • Applicants may only submit one application in a round. The application must be with only one coapplicant at a UK host organisation.


  • The Scheme is open to applications from all subject areas of physical, natural and social sciences, and the humanities covered by the two academies
  • The eligible engineering subjects are those covered by the Royal Society
  • Clinical research is not covered by the scheme.

References: ix reference statements are required for the application.
Deadline: April 16, 2012
For more information, and to apply, click here.

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