London School of Economics annonces the 2015/16 scholarships. Two scholarships of £15,000 each for students accepted to the one year General Course study programme.

  • This scholarship is available for study on the General Course. It is open to all nationalities.
  • It will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

How to Apply

  • To apply for this scholarship, you must download and complete an Undergraduate Scholarship application form.
  • By completing this form, you will ensure that you receive consideration for this and any other award(s) which you meet the eligibility criteria for.
  • You will need return your  UndergraduateScholarshipForm with an academic reference to the Financial Support Office by the published deadline.

Deadline: The deadline for the receipt of applications for prospective General Course students is 24 May 2015.
Click here for more details and to apply

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