The Government of Flanders awards up to 35 scholarships to outstanding Master students. The program aims to promote the internationalization of the Flemish Higher Education, as stated in the Action Plan for Student Mobility, Brains on the Move (September 2013). First scholarships under this program will be awarded for the academic year 2015-2016.
The Flemish Host institution applies on behalf of the student.
 Worth of Award

  •  The duration of mobility is minimum 1 academic year and maximum the full duration of the master program. If the student obtains less than 45 ECTS in the first year, then he/she loses the scholarship in the second year.
  • The incoming student is awarded a scholarship of maximum 7.500 Euro per academic year.
  • The Flemish Host Institution can ask the applicant for a tuition fee of maximum 100 Euro per year.
  • The Flemish Host Institution submits the application, on behalf of the student. If a scholarship is awarded to the student, then the Flemish Host Institution is committed to accept the student.
  • The program holds for all study areas.


  •  The applicant is registered as a full-time student at a higher education institution (hereafter ‘Home Institution’) at the moment of application, and applies to take up a Master degree program at a higher education institution in Flanders (hereafter ‘Flemish Host Institution’).
  • The applicant should have a high standard of academic performance and/or potential. He/she meets all academic entrance criteria, including relevant language requirements, for entering the Master program in question offered by the Flemish Host Institution.
  • The Home Institution of the applicant and the Flemish Host Institution have signed a cooperation agreement.
  • Students from all countries can apply. The Home Institution is located outside of Flanders.

 How to Apply

  •  The attached application form is provided for your information only, pending on online
  • application tool. The application needs to be submitted online.
  •  A Flemish selection committee awards the scholarships, in cooperation with the Flemish Department of Education and Training.

Deadline: Application closes on March 31, 2015
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