In partnership with international corporations such as Intel, GlaxoSmithKline and Nestle, the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance (HEA) is providing summer grants to young African students and recent graduates with entrepreneurial initiatives in Africa.
he Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance is an action network of African students and young professionals interested in tackling the challenges and opportunities of Africa.
Thanks to our growing number of corporate and institutional partners you may be eligible to receive an HEA opportunity. If you would like to obtain a summer grant or internship opportunity you must submit a Dartmouth Idea Paper as part of your application. Accepted applicants will be invited to participate in the Harambe Bretton Woods Symposium, March 30-April 2, 2012, our four day annual gathering, which will take place at Yale, Harvard and Bretton Woods. Summer Grants and Opportunities
Harambe Fellowships: Corporate sponsored summer grants to conduct feasibility studies of your entrepreneurial initiative in Africa.
Harambe Headstarts: Travel grants for your work in Africa.
Harambe Internships: Internship opportunities with the offices of African presidents and leading international and African corporations.
Harambe Angel Network: Mentorship program of established African and international professionals committed to supporting the entrepreneurial engagement of young Africans.
Early Admission: November 30, 2011 (24:00hrs)
Regular Admission: December 31, 2011 (24:00hrs
For more information, and to apply, click here.