Ever heard of silver money services? Well, I hadn’t too until I got information about it in the mail two days ago and it is all about getting the safest credit card option for you, anywhere in the world.
The use of credit cards is something that is now unavoidable around the world.
Some young innovative minds have developed an application that leads you to make use of the safest credit cards online for whatever transaction you want!
Some Exclusive Features of Silver:
Easily manage your credit cards wherever you are

  • A simple quiz to help you find the right card for you
  • Get analysis of your existing credit cards
  • Save money and earn additional rewards by applying for a new balance transfer or rewards credit card.

It’s very easy to use Silver:

  1. Download the app
  2. Answer our simple quiz to understand which type of card you are looking for
  3. Relax for a few seconds while the app finds the best credit card, for you!

Easy enough right? All you need to do is go on iPhone App Store and Google Play Store to download the app, then take a quiz, after which you are presented with safe credit card choices!
I tried it and guess what? It works! You can try it too using this link

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