The UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) has announced that it has created five new full scholarships for its MBA programme. The Bertha Scholarships will be awarded annually, starting in 2012, to candidates who are dedicated to working in, or starting, entrepreneurial ventures that tackle social or environmental problems.
The Bertha Centre will drive research into social innovation and entrepreneurship and will provide new elective courses and an action learning semester programme on the MBA. Furthermore, the centre will run an outreach programme training local social entrepreneurs.
Scholarship Goal
The Bertha Scholarships have been established to reduce the financial burden for social entrepreneurs undertaking an MBA at the UCT GSB, in order to encourage them to take that all important step towards becoming better business people
Worth of Scholarship
The Bertha Scholarships covers the full costs of the MBA programme, and in some cases may also assist with a modest stipend to partially cover living and travel expenses. The Scholarship Committee will assess need based on previous earnings, personal circumstances, geographic location, and future earning potential.
To be eligible, candidates must be residents of an African country and must have started or worked in a social entrepreneurial or green venture, or have at least one year’s experience working on social business strategies and developing the base of the pyramid business models within a larger corporate.
They are looking for people who demonstrate a strong moral character, strong entrepreneurial drive, a track record of action, leadership qualities, traits of social activism and a commitment to the sustainable development of emerging economies
Admission Deadlines: MBA: 31 October 2011 and Executive MBA: 30 December 2011
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