Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, offers a total of 9 scholarships via the Our World Citizen Talent Scholarships to students who would like to start their Masters programme during the academic year 2014-2015.
Worth of Award
At € 5,000 each, the scholarships cover a large sum of the university’s tuition fee and will only be awarded once. The scholarship is a tuition fee waiver of € 5000.
You are eligible to apply for one of these scholarships if:
• You are enrolling for the first time for one of our International Master programmes
• The scholarship is a tuition fee waiver of € 5000.
• You have fully completed the scholarship application form
• You will have been provisionally accepted as a student on or before 31 March
• You have written an essay, as explained below (deadline 1 April)
How to apply
• Complete the application form and write an essay of 950 to 1100 words
• In the essay, describe your cultural background and explain why and how you can contribute to the multinational, multicultural beehive that is The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
• When you are writing your essay, try picturing yourself as a member of this community.
• The university has appointed a committee to judge all essays, which should be submitted before 1 April, 2015. The judges will select the 9 students whose essays will have impressed them most and reward them with a scholarship. The decision of the jury will be binding.
• By submitting your essay, you are giving the institution the right to publish it,sh.
Deadline: Application closes April 1, 2015
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