DW offers Journalism internships to qualified applicants for the 2015 session. Until 2014, DW offered  two separate traineeships: one for native speakers of German and one for native speakers of other languages. The two traineeships have been combined and are now a newly-designed international and bilingual training program.
Deutsche Welle’s traineeship is a full-time program. In exceptional cases, temporary employment outside of the program may be approved
Worth of Award

  • For the first six months of the program, trainees earn a pre-tax salary of 1,590 euros per month. This increases to 1,790 euros a month before tax for the following six months.
  • For the final six months, trainees earn 1,855 euros per month before tax.

Location of Study: Bonn
If you’re interested in us, we’d like to know more about you if you’re also

  • a native speaker of English who has acquired a basic working knowledge of German – i.e. through intensive German language courses – prior to the start of the traineeship.
  • a native speaker of German who is fluent in English (i.e. for live reporting)
  • a native speaker of another language that is part of DW’s language services – especially Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Russian or Spanish. You also need a good working knowledge of English and German.

Level of Study: Graduate
Duration: 18 months
How to Apply

  • Step one: Applicants send in their application. Applications are open each year from September 15 – October 31 only. Applications must be made online. They do not accept applications sent by post or via email. They do not accept applications that exceed the deadline or are missing the required information or attachments. Every year they receive several hundred applications and carefully check that each one fulfils the requirements.
  • Step two: They preselect approximately 100 candidates and ask each to create their own blog containing a photo gallery, videos, audio, written work and a brief short-portrait. A jury judges each blog and selects approximately 40 candidates for the next stage.
  • Step three: Those selected are then invited to an assessment program in Bonn so that they can get a better sense of their creativity, team spirit and language skills. During the course of the day, applicants complete a variety of tasks including a general knowledge test, a writing test and a camera test where you need to show if you can present information in a natural, concise and accurate fashion. At the end of the day, they select approximately 20 candidates and inform each one of their decision.
  • Step four: The following day, the final 20 candidates meet with the Deutsche Welle’s directors, chief editors and top journalists and in one-on-one talks convince them of their talents. The 12 candidates who succeed gain a place in the 18-month traineeship. Congratulations!

Deadline: They are no longer accepting applications for the 2015 traineeship. The application process for the 2016 program will open in fall 2015 (September, to early December 2015)

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