The African Presidential Scholars Program offers early career faculty from Ghana, Liberia, South Africa and Uganda the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and students at the University of Michigan during residencies of two to six months. At the University of Michigan, scholars will have access to library and research materials to forward their own research programs, scholarly writing, course development, doctoral work, or other relevant activity.
Eligibility Requirements
• The applicant must be a faculty member of a college or university in Ghana, Liberia, South Africa or Uganda.
• Preference given to early career members of the faculty who have taught in the higher education system for less than ten years.
• Applicants may or may not have received their PhD.
Letter of Support
All applicants should include a letter of recommendation from the head of department, dean, or vice chancellor at the applicant’s home institution. The letter should:
• Indicate the institution’s commitment to continue to pay the scholar’s academic salary while on leave at Michigan.
• Describe the candidate’s strengths and merits.
• Explain how this candidate’s residency at the University of Michigan contributes to needs of their institution.
Scholarly Program
We welcome applications from a wide range of disciplines/schools*, and especially encourage applications that align with the following initiatives:
• African Heritage: research on how cultural assets in Africa are historicized, authenticated, accessed and circulated.
• African Social Research: quantitative social scientific research on economic, urbanization, gender, governance, demographics, public health and environmental change.
• STEM-Africa: research in the domains of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
Application Process

Applicants must submit:
• A completed application form.
• A curriculum vitae.
• A scholarly program proposal, not to exceed five pages.
• A letter of support from the head of department, dean, or vice chancellor at the applicant’s home institution.
Hard copies of the application materials should be sent to the following address:
African Studies Center
University of Michigan
1080 S. University Ave.
Suite 3603
Ann Arbor, Ml 48109-1106
Tel: (001) 734.615.3027
Fax: (001) 734.936.0996
Alternatively, applications or queries can be sent electronically to [email protected]
Deadlines: October 15, 2011
For more information, visit their website by clicking here.