Total Nigeria invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for its 2012/2013 National Merit Scholarship Awards for undergraduate students currently in their 1st and 2nd year of studies in recognized Nigeria Universities.

Over the years, Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria have demonstrated a high level of commitment towards the educational development of Nigerian Students. This commitment has been demonstrated in several ways, one of which is the annual award of scholarships to deserving Nigerian students in secondary and tertiary institutions as well as those in postgraduate studies. The programme is aimed at promoting academic excellence and qualitative manpower development in our host communities and the nation.


The NNPC/TEPNG National Merit Scholarship Award is open to duly admitted, recognized full time Nigerian students, pursuing undergraduate programmes in recognized universities, who are in their first or second year of studies and who are NOT beneficiaries of any other scholarships. In addition to the above conditions, applicants must show:

– Proof of SSCE or equivalent certificate,

– Proof of UME scores and

– Admission to the course of study


– Accounting

– Agricultural Sciences

– Business Administration

– Banking & Finance

– Engineering

– Computer Sciences

– Environmental Sciences

– Pure and Applied Sciences

– Land & Quantity Surveying

– Law

– Medical Sciences

How to Apply

All applications must be completed using the online form available on their website. See link below. Note: click on the “apply” button at the top of the page that opens. Then click on “undergraduate” in the drop down menu where National Merit award is shown.

Deadline: March 31, 2013.

Please note that only short listed candidates would be contacted for the tests.

To complete the application online, click here.


  1. Good day sir, please how will you know you are shortlisted for the tomorrow test and the venue?

  2. Today is the 25th of November, tomorrow is 26th (the said scheduled date for the total-elf scholarship test)… When and how can applicants that are shortlisted know that they were shortlisted, knowing fully well that it wouldn’t be possible to travel to examination destinations tomorrow… Pls Sir, your credible information is highly needed and would be duly appreciated… Thanks a million.

  3. when will total release the list for the shortlisted candidates. please………..

  4. Please sir/madam, when will shortlisted candidates be contacted. Since the exam is this week saturday i.e 26th of november. Thanks, hoping to hear from you

  5. Good day
    Please when and where will the list of shortlisted applicants be available
    Many thanks

  6. Good morning Sir/Madam
    Please, I would like to know when the shortlisted applicants will be out and probably the date for the aptitude test. Thanks. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  7. when do expect to be contacted for the test. will students be awarded this scholarship abroad or here in nigeria.

  8. good day to the total management, i am one the applicant and want to know the nature of this scholarship.
    How do know if the names of shortlisted students have been released. please i will be most grateful if you can reply via email.

  9. May God Almighty blis n cntinue 2 kip total as they cntinue 2 b a source of help 2 pple lyk me.

  10. you guys are really doing a good job out there.please get me informed when the shortlisted list is out

  11. Pls wen wud d list of shortlisted candidate b out bcos despite d fact am prayin nd hopin dat I wud b shortlisted,I am also anxious 2 see d list.

  12. Pls i want to knw when the list of those qualify wil be release. Thnks n i wil be glad if am among the lucky once.

  13. pls…………….
    when will total release the list for the shortlisted candidate?
    for those that choose lagos as their centre where in lagos will they write their aptitude test?
    thanks very much……………………..

  14. Please sir, when is the merit list for this scholarship coming up? Thanks for attending to it

  15. pls sir/madam am rilly happi 4 wat u people ar doin,i come from the northern state of nigeria in which very little amount oe people know or are aware of dis.i av tried in many ways so as to be helpd by people bt tins is nt moving d same i jst pray that God wil help me through u in ma sopport.i hav applied bt i dnt knw when d shortlistd list wil b out.pls help me to knw wen its goin to be out

  16. Total pls we the aplicnts are geting impatient,hope the criteria 4shortlistng candidants is strctly by merit cos we the poor ones hv no whr 2run to

  17. i appreciate all that total has done so far. But pls i hv few questions to ask.
    1. Do total give scholarship to alvan ikoku college of education students.
    2. Where and When is the list coming out pls.

  18. This is a show of total’s love to our dear nation Nigeria and unpreviledged undergratuate.

  19. my financial problem since my part one wil be solve by the grace of God if am giving this grate opportunity

  20. I would be very grateful sir/madam if i am given the opportunity to get the scholarship. Thank you

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