The A.W. Mellon Foundation awards scholarships between R15,000 – R45,000 to South Africans to pursue an honours programme at the University of Cape Town.

  • Merit and/or Financial Need
  • Full-time registration at UCT for Honours study
  • Successful students will qualify for a needs-based subvention if gross family income and/or income from all sources is less than R200,000 per annum. Family income and support must be declared and supported by documentary evidence. Students who declare that they are independent from their families do not qualify for needs-based support but may qualify for a merit award. Students whose financial need is caused through life-style choices (dependents, choice of housing, etc). do not qualify for needs-based support but may be eligible for a merit award.

Tenure: 1 year only
How to Apply

  • You are required to apply via: UCT Form 10a
  • The UCT Form 10a is available from the Postgraduate Centre & Funding Office and on-line. See link below.

Completed forms need to be returned along with the required supporting documentation:

  • Academic Transcripts. If the applicant is still completing the final year, then see ** below
  • Certified Copy of ID Book
  • A letter from the relevant academic department confirming acceptance to the Honours programme – conditional on final results
  • If eligible on basis of financial need, proof of income from all sources, and where applicable, pension and/or unemployment

Deadline: October 31, 2011. Deadline for Submission of 3rd year results: November 12, 2011. Awards will be made known by 30 December 2011
Note 1: Students who are considering study towards the Honour’s degree in 2012 are encouraged to apply whether or not they know if they have been accepted for Honour’s study. Awards offered are only valid and can only be claimed if the applicant is accepted by the relevant academic Department.
Note 2: Humanities applicants who have applied for the the A W Mellon Foundation Scholarships in the Humanities are not required to complete a second Form10A for general UCT funding. The University of Cape Town in not able to provide full-cost support to applicants
For more information, and to apply, visit their website by clicking here.