The Nieman Foundation invites international and US applications for its 2015 Nieman Journalism Fellowships at Harvard University. The Foundation selects up to 12 United States and 12 International journalists for Nieman Fellowships each year. Fellows selected include two in Global Health Reporting, one U.S. citizen who specializes in Arts & Culture Reporting, one U.S. citizen who reports on issues related to the field of business, and one U.S. citizen who works in Community journalism. Fellows have access to the facilities of Harvard University while also engaging in a wide range of seminars, trainings, multimedia workshops, conferences, etc.

  • Applicants must be full-time journalists (including freelancers) with at least five years’ experience. Journalists can work for news or editorial departments of newspapers, wire services, radio, television, web sites, online publications or magazines of general public interest. Photojournalists, editorial cartoonists, columnists and broadcast producers are also eligible
  • Any journalism-related work completed as a university student does not count toward experience. People who work in public relations or at organizations whose primary business is not the media are not eligible
  • If appropriate, the applicant’s employer should approve a leave of absence for the academic year (10 months)
  • Within the past two years, an applicant should not have participated in a fellowship or taken a leave of absence from work that lasted four months or longer
  • There is no nomination process. Candidates nominate themselves by submitting an application and supplementary materials
  • There is no age limit
  • There are no academic prerequisites, and a college degree is not required.
  • The international fellowship is open to citizens of any country.

Fellowship Conditions
After the candidates have been chosen, but prior to their confirmation as Nieman Fellows by the Harvard Corporation, each must agree in writing to the following four stipulations:

  • To return at the end of the sabbatical year to the employer who granted the leave of absence
  • To refrain from professional work during the period of the fellowship
  • To complete all the work in at least two academic courses of their choice: one during the fall semester, the other during the spring semester
  • To remain in residence in the Cambridge area while classes are in session and to participate in Nieman seminars and events.

Stipends and Allowances (Subject to change)
U.S. Fellows
Domestic Nieman Fellows receive a stipend of $60,000 paid over a 10-month period (September to June). In addition, the Nieman Foundation provides housing, child-care, and health insurance allowances, based on the number and ages of family members taking part in the program.
International Fellows

  • Funds from the original Nieman bequest are restricted to U.S. citizens. International candidates must find financial support from sources outside the Nieman Foundation; however, finding funding is not a condition of being awarded a fellowship. The Nieman Foundation will assist International Fellows to secure necessary funds
  • This funding can come from many sources. Typically, candidates work with foundations and journalistic organizations in their own countries to find money to support a Nieman Fellowship
  • The cultural-affairs offices of U.S. embassies are good sources of information about exchange programs and other options for funding
  • The Nieman Foundation also works with several international foundations that provide stipendiary support to citizens of certain nations or regions of the world. In addition, the Nieman Foundation occasionally uses unrestricted funds to support international Nieman Fellows.

How to Apply
You can apply using either the online application or download the appropriate paper application. Please review the following steps to ensure the complete and timely submission of your application:

  • Make sure you are eligible to apply
  • Decide which fellowship you will apply for
  • Complete either the online or paper version of the application
  • Submit the required work samples
  • Ask four people to write letters of recommendation
  • Meet the application deadlines.

Required Documents

  • Two Essays: They require two essays: a 1000 word Personal Statement and a 500 Proposal for Study at Harvard
  • Work Samples: Work samples can be uploaded with the online application. Files with the following extensions are accepted: .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .doc, .wps, .lwp, .wks and .wpd. You can also upload a summary page that describes your samples.
  • Four Letters of Recommendation
  • Leave of Absence Letter

Note: They will begin accepting applications on Sept. 1, 2013. Meanwhile, you can start preparing your application.

  • U.S. and Global Health Reporting Fellowships: Applications must be submitted on or before January 31, 2014
  • International Fellowships: Applications must be submitted on or before December 1, 2013 (except applicants for Canada, Philippines, South Africa and South Korea Fellowships).
  • Nieman-Berkman Fellowship for Journalism Innovation: Applications must be submitted on or before January 31, 2014.

If you have any questions about applying, email: [email protected].
Note: Carefully read the detailed information on their website before applying to enhance your chances of success.
For more information, and to apply, visit their website by clicking here.

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