The latest ranking of UK universities shows that Cambridge has overtaken Oxford as the most rated university in the UK. The best 50 universities listed below is a part of a longer list compiled by the Guardian UK in its annual Good University Table. This list should serve as a useful guide to choosing which school to study. It could make a big difference to study in a good school, so choose carefully. You can follow the link below the list to read the individual profiles of the schools
1                     University of Cambridge
2                     University of Oxford
3                     University of St Andrew
4                     London School of Economics
5                     University College London
6                     University of Warwick
7                     University of Lancaster
8                     University of Durham
9                     University of Loughborough
10                 Imperial College London
11                 University of Exeter
12                 University of Sussex
13                 School of Oriental and African Studies
14                 University of Bath
15                 University of York
16                 University of Edinburgh
17                 University of Leicester
18                 University of East Anglia
19                 University of Nottingham
20                 University of Surrey
21                 University of Glasgow
22                 City University of London
23                 University of Kent
24                 University of Birmingham
25                 University of Bristol
26                 University of Dundee
27                 Heriot Watt University
28                 University of Southampton
29                 University of Strathclyde
30                 King’s College London
31                 University of Newscastle
32                 University of Reading
33                 University of Sheffield
34                 Aston University Birmingham
35                 Royal Holloway University, London
36                 Queen Mary University, London
37                 University of Leeds
38                 Robert Gordon University
39                 Cardiff University
40                 University of Essex
41                 University of Manchester
42                 Bournemouth University
43                 Oxford Brookes University
44                 University of Stirling
45                 University of Aberdeen
46                 University College Falmouth Dartington  College of Arts
47                 University of Plymouth
48                 University of Sunderland
49                 University of Liverpool
50                 Queen’s University, Belfast
For more information, and to read a brief review of each school with that of the other schools, visit the official ranking page by clicking here.