Petrofund is offering financial support to full-time Namibian candidates who wish to study in oil and gas related fields; namely, Petroleum engineering and Petroleum geosciences. The allocation of these bursaries will be based on the achievement potential and needs of the student. A legal and binding contract between PETROFUND and the student will be signed.
Scholarship Conditions

  • Applicants must be Namibian citizens
  • Academic performance must be satisfactory
  • A change of study course requires a reapplication for a bursary
  • A bursary is only allocated for one study year, but is renewable annually subject to satisfactory academic progress
  • Bursars will be required to work in Namibia on completion of their studies for the same number of years that the bursary was granted provided jobs are available. Failure to comply with this condition wholly or in part will require full or pro-rata repayment of the bursary with interest calculated at prevailing market rates
  • Bursars are required to provide at least two progress reports (or more if required) of their academic performance each year
  • Any problems encountered by bursars during period of bursary including those related to accommodation, should be reported to the petrofund
  • Applications will be considered in the following fields of study only – Masters or Honours degrees in Petroleum engineering and Petroleum geosciences.

Value of Bursary
A bursary includes:

  • Registration and tuition fees payable directly to the institution of learning
  • Board and lodging at the institution of learning; (private board & lodging not to exceed institution rates)
  • Book and stationery allowance
  • Travel allowance (between home town and university)
  • Pocket money allowance.

How to Apply
You can request application forms from Petrofund directly through:
The Petrofund Administrator
P/Bag 13196
Tel: 2045000
E-mail: [email protected]
Or obtained from

  • Applicants must complete the application form carefully to ensure that the right information is given
  • Incomplete application forms will not be processed
  • Late applications will not be accepted.

Deadline: September 30, 2011
For more information, and to apply, download the application form by clicking here.