The UN African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP) invites applications and nominations for its fellowship programme for scholars involved in policy research connected to the historical and contemporary economic management and development experiences and challenges of the African continent. The specific policy research questions to be tackled by the visiting fellows admitted by IDEP during their tenure could be of an African regional, sub-regional or national nature; they must, however, centre on a pertinent economic management and development experience or concern of historical or contemporary interest.
Objectives of the Fellowship Programme
The overarching objective of the visiting fellowship programme is to afford researchers working on economic management and development questions of interest to the different policy communities in Africa an opportunity to undertake concentrated work in a serene environment over a determined period of time with a view to producing a policy research report or paper that could help advance the frontiers of development action.
Policy Agenda Served by the Programme
This programme will respond to the expressed needs of African officials and their institutions for a much greater research input into the policy formulation and decision-making processes on the continent. It will simultaneously provide an avenue for African researchers to better connect with some of the core concerns of the policy makers whose decisions and choices are central to development outcomes on the continent.
Target Participants
This Fellowships programme is aimed at academics based in African universities; scholars associated with research centres; researchers working with think tanks; independent scholars with a strong public policy orientation; and experienced civil society action-researchers. Target participants are welcomed to apply directly on their own; they may also be nominated by their institutions. Applicants/nominees would normally be expected to hold a doctorate degree but those with a Masters degree and at least five years of post-graduation research experience will also be considered.
Working Languages
Successful applicants and nominees will be expected to carry out their work in English or French, the two working languages of IDEP and the United Nations system.
Application/Nomination Requirements
To be considered, applicants or nominees will be required to submit a letter that clearly states why they are interested in the fellowship programme, spells out the theme of the policy research question they wish to tackle, and indicates the length of time they hope to spend at IDEP. A short concept note or proposal of not more than five pages on the policy research subject they want to explore is also required. Copies of the CVs of applicants/nominees and their advanced degree certifications must be supplied too. Finally, applicants/nominees should submit a letter of attestation of institutional affiliation and two letters of reference.
Fellowships will be offered by IDEP for tenures of between two weeks minimum and three months maximum according to the needs and requirements of those whose applications are successful.
Fellowship Terms ofand Allowance
All fellowships awarded, irrespective of their duration, will require residency in Dakar, Senegal, where IDEP is headquartered. The Institute will cover the air travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs of those whose applications/nominations are successful. In addition, the fellows will be given access to the IDEP reference library, a fully-equipped office space of their own, and administrative back-up as necessary. In return, the fellows are required to produce a research paper or report whose precise nature and format will be agreed at the time of the completion of an agreement on the length of their stay at IDEP. The Institute will reserve the right to publish and disseminate the research paper or report to a wider audience. Fellows may also be called upon to address a policy research seminar during the period of their visit as a contribution to the scientific life of the Institute.
Deadline for Applications and Nominations:
Researchers open from 01st February 2011 and close 30th September 2011. Within this broad band of time, no particular deadline is observed; applications and nominations will be welcomed on a continuing basis until the quota of fellowships for 2011 is exhausted. Candidates who are interested in the programme are advised to submit an application or their nominations as early as possible.
How to Apply
Applications and nominations may be submitted by e-mail, fax or post.
E-mail applications and nominations should be sent to the following address:
[email protected]
Fax applications and nominations should be sent to: +221 33 822 2964.
Postal applications and nominations should be sent to: The Director, UNIDEP, Rue du
18 Juin, BP 3186 CP 18524, Dakar, Senegal.
NOTE: IDEP strongly encourages and supports the participation of suitably qualified female
researchers in its programmes.
For detailed information, download the programme announcement by clicking here (PDF).